2011 m. kovo 12 d., šeštadienis

Trip to Germany, Aachen :}

And I said one day to Monica ' yeah, we could go to Aachen, because there is the nearest place, where is Vapiano! '

And we went today!


So me, Monica and other two Spanish girls had very nice day in Germany.
Day full of sun, walks, a lot of people in the streets, of course maybe two hours in Vapiano, with pasta, pizaa, german beer, special special desert and nice Vapiano people ( of course not so nice like in Lithuania, but still ;D ) aaaand shopping, finally I have my heart shaped glasses and some other stuff! And Catedral.. and some nice small streets..

Aaand 15 degrees of warm ! yes :}

suun !

dancing people in the streets :}


My pasta aaand german beer!

they even have name on forks ! ;o

pizza pizaa, this one first time for me ;o

Delizia Orientale!

So so good!

si sii !

 it seems that no party for this night, because after 6 hours walking, everybody is tired.. cho cho. ;p

but still !  

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