2011 m. rugsėjo 11 d., sekmadienis

Huge. Full. Sticky. LONDON

Its been like two months already, when I am away from home..

Home, such a strange word. Exatctly now I cant say where is my home.. Some people say '.. home is where your heart is ..' some - 'home is where your family' or 'home is where you feel happy and you would like to live all the time'..
So at this moment I cant say where is my home..
But new step in my life, big challenge - LONDON.
All the time I said that I hate big cities and I wouldnt like to live  in them.. But here I am ! In one of the biggest and most crowded city in Europe..

First month was terrible. Loosing friend . Yes, she left me because of guy. ;D Beeing alone. And finally my lovely cousin Santacka left London. So yeah.
But I survive!
Secont month - found job. My family came here. More new people. Finally started to adapt here.

Third month. Getting better. Moved to nice place. Feeling safe. Having fun with new friends. My Juste came back from holidays!

Yeah. All news. It doesnt sound so nice everything.. But its getting better.

But for sure, I am not going to stay here for a long time. No no, London is not that place.
night concerts

my craaazy familyy

Oh yes, I am working in restaurant.. so sometimes my dinner looks like this. Thank you Vincent!


My lovely one of the best best friend!

My boy!!!

sometimes evenings looks like this.. 

London.. Place full of strange strange things.. ;D

My lovely Egle! Coming tired after work.. and find this on my bed. Ohhhh! 

My boys :}

My beautiful lady :}}

Sometimes nights looks like that. Crayfish salad. Hotel room. And rest.

Tipical evening. ;D

My second birthday party! ;*


uuu la la