2011 m. lapkričio 16 d., trečiadienis

London life. Part 2.JOB

Hey , hey hey!

Days are going too fast, mixing with nights, nights with lights and sometimes I just recognize that when I wake up its almost dark outside.

You know, what I am going to say, that adults life its really so hard! I never thought how difficult everything could be. So kids, for those who are still at school, university, studying, having parties, maybe living in your parents house or students hostel, buf, please stop complain about how your parents are strict, your neighbours noisy or you need to study too much. Hell no, when you will sit on your ass, you will see that everything what you were calling 'difficult' its nothing compare what you have now!

Now its my sixst month, that I am living in London. Such a big, noisy and beautiful city, you can say. Yes, it is. Its just depends from which side you will look. For me it took four months too understood, that its really nice and maybe sometimes I even can enjoy it!
So I am going to tell my story..Because I dont know why , but a lot of people are writing to me and saying,wow, how amazing life you have, I am jealous and so on.. Buf then I stop and think.. I dont know, really. I will tell you my story then you can think about how nice it is. ;D

So, the begining is. There is more or less two things in my life at the moment.


I am still working in perfect hotel in restaurant.( I even had small photo session, so now all people could see my picture in the main website, in the bar picture -> http://www.thistle.com/hotels/united_kingdom/london/thistle_kensington_gardens/index.html?tmcampid=5&tmad=c&tmplaceref=ggl2_thl_2046&gclid=CJjAxKSTu6wCFQRP4Qodvj_Cow)

I really dont like to work in 4 stars hotel, because you need to follow a lot of strict rules, behave in adult way and bla bla..   But we have a lot of nice people here , so it makes work much better! We have very nice supervisor, our lovely Akshay, which is the biggest teacher for me, not just in work , but also in my private life! I am so happy that I met him, he is really smart, cool and funny guy! And there is Clement, crazy French guy, from Pariiis. All girls felt in love with him, when he came, because he really looks like hot guy, but not me, no no, we are like brothers! I really like to listen all his stories, because wuf, I dont remember when I met guy with such a interesting and crazy past! And we have Antti, estonian guy, I still don't know what kind of person he is.. Sometimes he is nice, sometimes you even can not be next to him.. And we have a lot of nice kitchen guys! Olaf, Rafal, crazy polish guys! And Vince with nice tattoos on this hands and his hands look so soft and smooth that when you see them, you want to touch it! ;D But he is really nice guy! And there is Juliano and Luan, crazy brazilian guys! So, as you can see, I am just one girl all the time , so I am getting a lot of attention.. But yeah, not this kind of attention that girls would like to have .. Like stupid attention like making fun of me, or just someone walking around and all the time saying ' Simona Simona Simona..', putting salt into my tea.. And sometimes they are doing stupid things that even it hurts.. physically as well.. But more or less, I found a lot of nice and interesting people there! All of them very friendly and smiling all the time to me! One of the best is Italian Andrea!So empathic, friendly and smiley guy! Huging and taking care of me all the time! And Allal, who is becoming my big big life teacher! He is smiling every day and trying to show me how amazing things we have around! And Shashank and Irfan... Really really nice people!

  And people who are coming for lunch, dinner, drinks are very friendly, almost all of them are a bit older, like nice old couples from Australia, who are travelling around the world and so on.. And sometimes big business people are coming with they employees from company, with nice suits, girls with long dresses, very fancy ones. And we have our VIP guest, that they are staying in our hotel once in a week and so on.  And there is Mr Banks, and Mr Minet, my two favourite one! Mr Banks, with so sad eyes all the time, very formal gentelmen! And Mr Minet all the time trying to make jokes and order his favorite beer Stella!

oh.. I feel lost. I felt in love with this place and people.. But I am getting so tired.. All this stress, madness.. Rush.. Buf.

sometimes I get nice food! Best brocoli soup eveeer


hmm.. ups. guy from the club ;D no nooo, Clemeeent ;D


tiup tiuriup

sometimes we are celebrating :}

guys :}

Rafal ;}}

Akshay :}}}


2011 m. rugsėjo 11 d., sekmadienis

Huge. Full. Sticky. LONDON

Its been like two months already, when I am away from home..

Home, such a strange word. Exatctly now I cant say where is my home.. Some people say '.. home is where your heart is ..' some - 'home is where your family' or 'home is where you feel happy and you would like to live all the time'..
So at this moment I cant say where is my home..
But new step in my life, big challenge - LONDON.
All the time I said that I hate big cities and I wouldnt like to live  in them.. But here I am ! In one of the biggest and most crowded city in Europe..

First month was terrible. Loosing friend . Yes, she left me because of guy. ;D Beeing alone. And finally my lovely cousin Santacka left London. So yeah.
But I survive!
Secont month - found job. My family came here. More new people. Finally started to adapt here.

Third month. Getting better. Moved to nice place. Feeling safe. Having fun with new friends. My Juste came back from holidays!

Yeah. All news. It doesnt sound so nice everything.. But its getting better.

But for sure, I am not going to stay here for a long time. No no, London is not that place.
night concerts

my craaazy familyy

Oh yes, I am working in restaurant.. so sometimes my dinner looks like this. Thank you Vincent!


My lovely one of the best best friend!

My boy!!!

sometimes evenings looks like this.. 

London.. Place full of strange strange things.. ;D

My lovely Egle! Coming tired after work.. and find this on my bed. Ohhhh! 

My boys :}

My beautiful lady :}}

Sometimes nights looks like that. Crayfish salad. Hotel room. And rest.

Tipical evening. ;D

My second birthday party! ;*


uuu la la

2011 m. birželio 29 d., trečiadienis

do nothing*

Days full of sun.
Nights full of fun.
Cuddles. Beer.Dance. And lots of love in the air.

Just living with big love in the hearts.
and pink dreams about perfect tomorrow.

Just going crazy.
and having such a strange parties everyday .

Just being happy without a reason.
and enjoying every moment.

You never know, what tomorrow will bring.
but we are really looking forward for that!

5 am in the morning. My lovely incredible crazy blue panties friends!    

2011 m. birželio 19 d., sekmadienis


it seems, that sundays mean to be deleted from my week life.


And I loved sundays so much.

2011 m. birželio 16 d., ketvirtadienis

freedom :}

Such a wonderful feeling!

Studies finished!
Summer is here!
Heart is singing!
Full house of guests!
Perfect food!
It seems that this evening will be cool!
Crazy weekend is coming!
Katja is coming next week!

jė jė jė . Chill.


2011 m. gegužės 23 d., pirmadienis

reikšmingumas ir kiti dalykai.

Kada paskutinį kartą jauteisi kam nors reikalingas?

Ir kaip? Koks jausmas?

Manau, kad tai vienas geriausių ir maloniausių jausmų, galinčių aplankyti žmogų. 

viskas bus gerai.
taip taip. Ne visada jau taip ir smagu, kai esi vienintelis žmogus, kuris nori ir gali nuraminti pačią mane.

O dar sako, kad tėvai visada teisūs, protingesni ir stipresni už vaikus. Visada yra išimčių.
viskas bus gerai.
viskas bus gerai.
viskas bus gerai.
na ir dar kartą. įkvėpt. iškvėpt. Juk viskas yra gerai.

kartais pavydžiu žmonėm kurie turi aišku planą ir savo gyvenimo viziją. Kurie nekeliauja visą laik su lagaminais, turi pastovų būstą ir žmones aplink.

viskas bus gerai.
Juk visame kame yra dalis tos šiltos šviesos. 

Kaip, kad tarė mano mėgstamasis Deilas Karnegis 'Pasaulyje visi siekia laimės, ir yra tik vienas tikslus būdas ją pasiekti - kontroliuoti savo mintis. Laimė nepriklauso nuo išorinių aplinkybių. Ji priklauso nuo mūsų vidaus. ' 
Bet kodėl tada aplink tiek daug nelaimingų, burbančių ir viskuo nepatenkintų žmonių? Nejaugi jie nenori būti laimingais.. ?

oh. sun.beach.holidays.soon soon

2011 m. gegužės 6 d., penktadienis

Amsterdam Amsterdam, take me back, Amsterdam

I miss Holland. I miss all nice people there. I miss smiles in the streets. I miss all nice partys. I miss dance. I miss nice conversations with interesting strange people. I miss my self there . I miss being relax, living without stress and just enjoying things.