2011 m. kovo 11 d., penktadienis

My dream city - Paris!

Oh Paris Paris! I just came back from Paris last night and I still can not stop smiling!

 (read just with this songs!)

I had just two days to discover, see and fall in love with Paris.. but now I can say, that it was really enough! I met with Xavier and with his big big help I did everything what I wanted : I saw all nice buildings, like Arc de Triomphe more then 10 times ;D, Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Notre Dame, Pantheon, Obelisk, Opera, Champs Elysees, Montmarte , Oscar Wilde, golden bridge, modern art museum, Mayor's house and so on and so on! Also I saw another part of Paris, yes, they are not calling it Paris, but it's part with big houses from glass, offices and so on. ;o like totally different then all Paris. Also I visited Argenteuil and stay for night in Epinay-sur-Seine! It was so so nice! And I also did shopping, very small, but yeah.. that's true, that they have such a nice clothes in their shops! I visited just one normal shop, but I was so amazed how it is there!

Oh, I am really in love with Paris, and I brought with me a lot of nice memories..

Xavier and Arc de Triomphe


Champs Elysees! inside of shops

We :} near the Golden Bridge :}}

Golden Bridge! so so nice

funny funny ;D

yes, me in Paris! ;D

Restaurant :}

And the night part was the best best! Driving with car, around all Paris, for more then two hours! And with Air, Novelle Vague and so on, oh, IT WAS AMAZING! All lights, buildings , sounds, oh oh.. there is no words for that :}}}



Notre Dame :}}
So so cute cat!
And dayyy number two begiiins.. ;D

Oh, yeah, such a nice bedroom! colors colors!

Montmarte ! 

and we had sun sun sun and fun!

All Paris and Amelie from Montmarte !

I finally, we found it - Oscar Wilde!

Yes yes and more nice moments we had..

Oh, I will come back one day.. definitely..

And my trip was so hard, with broken train without light at night.. late bus.. just french speaking people.. but still.. in the end I can say that it was awesome and I meet a lot of people with a lot of nice life stories ( like guy from Turkey, who is traveling alone, and men from Bulgaria, who was living 15 years in Paris and now moved out to Brussels.. three girls from Philipin, Azia and Spain, who are living 3 minutes from me, but I met them in Belgium! Or boy and girl from Estonia and girl from Germany.. ) Yeah, that was really nice!

Je t'aime !

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