2011 m. kovo 29 d., antradienis

My mom's visit !

After 3 days full of traveling, walking, smiliing, laughing ! I am so happy that my mother came here and brought more colors and adventures !

1st day - Belgium and night life in Maastricht with bars and a lot of people. :}

2nd day - Keukenhof with a lot of beautiful and different flowers !  Amsterdam center, small streets, crowd of people and yeah, Red Light District ! ;D And Breda, with nice parks, Ayesha and her friends and mexican food!  We went from home before 8 in the morning.. and came back at 12 in the night.. ;D

3th day - Maastricht.. walking around and yeah, shopping ! Drinking beer in the sun and just relaxing.. 

And today.. oh  shit.. we were so stressed from early morning.. ;/ Because we went to station and I was supposed just to escort my mothet to the train station and that's all.. so I went like almost with my pyjamas and coat on the top. ;D and then we went to station and it's like written that there is no train to Liege! Whaaat? Shit shit.. then the women told me that we can take a bus and try to get the train from Liege to Charleroi Airport. then  my mother was scared and I didn't want to leave her alone so I went with her to Liege, to check next train.. And it tool like one hour.. Yeah.. we were late to next train.. so we waited and we knew that everything it's just like minute in minute.. But now she called me, that she did it! She went there 2 minutes before gate closed! ;D 
And me.. waiting almost one hour in Liege train station.. to go back to Holland, to Maastricht.. Mhm, people were looking at me, maybe I looked a bit strange.. ;D Train came.. Also one more thing, people are not speaking in English in Belgium.. And my french level is not good at all.. I can understand like 10 % and say maybe four sentences, so it's almost nothing. ;D So I was siting in the train, trying to relax.. and then came girl which is working in the train.. Checked my ticket and started to speak.. Yes yes, I just smiling and.. yeees.. okey...Maastricht.. yes...  train will stop... I need to get out.. after 1 stop.. okey.. but it's not Maastricht..  Special bus.. Oh, okey! But why? Where? What? And again.. just following all people and smiling.. doing what everybody is doing.. 

Oh. Finally at home. My mother in the plane.  Sun is in the sky. I still have a lot of lithuanian chocolate !
Perfect perfect! :}}}

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  1. Aaaaa...Motera, kaip džiaugiuos, kad turi visas šias galimybes išvažiuoti, susipažinti su kitomis kultūromis, pažinti žmones ir daug ko išmokti :)
    Bet labai labai labai tavęs trūksta čia Lietuvoj, grįžk greičiau!!!!!!
    Žiauriai noriu su tavim susitikti, išgerti alaus ir paplepėti :***