2011 m. balandžio 10 d., sekmadienis

Sunday lunch

I really really like sundays, even more if I spend them with interesting people, relaxed atmosphere and nice weather :}

Very lazy, but very very nice afternoon in Avant Garden !

!!! love these trees !

girls prepared very tasty lunch !

tytot tytot !

jou jou, crazy happy people!


Maren! and after that she felt down. But still, it was worth! :}


yeees? trying ;D

woop woop ! ;D

Tytöt tahtoo pitää hauskaa

hei ei ei

Two more nice days in Breda :}

Woop woop.

Lovely lovely Alessandro in the back ! ;}}

Champagne and nice nice Hoeksta's family!

Having fun !


Joyce felt lonely. :<
Am.. Still having fun ! ;D


Oh, Balgera.

mm? ;D

Crazy crazy Monica :}


Girls power !

My Hoekstraa! Driver driver :}

fuf fuf..  fight.. and a lot of terras!

lake time ;D

kus kus kus 

train station. last picture..and smiling guys?? 

saddest picture ever !

Thank you!

2011 m. balandžio 7 d., ketvirtadienis

7 more days

7 more days in Holland.

And why all the time the same? In the end you start to have such a nice time, you get to know awesome people.. and you need to leave..

7 more days of fun.

2011 m. balandžio 3 d., sekmadienis

weekends. :}

Oye mami,
Vuelvete loca,
Aruname la espalda,
Y muerdeme la boca.
aha ahaaa

Nice weekends coming back!

Friday - finnish girls are the best dancers ever! 5 hours non stop dancing !:}}
Saturday - crazy crazy, 23 degrees of heat! Park, outdoor cafes, beer and huh.. 
Sunday - lazy lazy morning, special guest and study study. 

Everything is done, so now just relax ;}
crazy crazy girls !

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