2011 m. kovo 21 d., pirmadienis

Magic Saturday. Utrecht. Crazy Iris. Greek people. Picnic. Sun. Breda. Nice people. Party.

It really seems that Spring brings something special to people's lifes. 

I am so happy, that I decided to go to Utrecht to meet Iris, my greek girl!
And long long story. ;D so, yes..

My train was late, and Iris was supposed to wait for me near the main entrance, but, oh, Utrecht's train station is so so big! And then I was walking around, trying to find good way, because her telephone didn't work.. and I saw her, waiting for me near the information division!! Yeah, she was a bit angry and despered, because couldn't find me and she told me that five minutes ago, all train station was listening few times to message to me : ' Simona, Iris is waiting for you, please come to information division' ! Like to small child, but so cool! ;D Of course then I said hello to all working people, yeah, because they already knew me and we went to the center to meet Martin, Iris roomate from Prague. 
Utrecht, such a nice city, especialy when sun  is shining, with a lot of people in the streets, outdoor cafes, amazing buildings, parks and a lot of small rivers everywhere!
And we met Philip. Did shopping and had very nice picnic in the park, on the lake coast, with fruits, small sandwiches, beer and many greek people. ;D  
And nice walk in the center in the evening.. saying bye.. and yeah.. sad part...

One , two, three - Spiridula Firogieni - Iris !!! So happy and energetic, really suprised me !

Martin :}

Going to the park :}

Dutch guys.. mhm mhm

greek and canadian people

Oh, Iris Iris, she all the time has my picture with her! ;**

lekker (mm)

Pridėti antraštę

Crazy crazy rabbit! ;D

small clubs

strange strange people ;*

Buuut, I didn't feel like going home and I didn't want because Maastricht is really boring boring city, so I decided to call Mike and ask if I am still welcome to party in his house, in Breda. And I was. ;D So I took train,to there, yeah, just like more or less two hours by train, it's like nothing if you want something. :} Yeah, also I didn't know anybody there, except Mike, but this time I again used my favorite sentence ' why not' . ;D I was afraid, but , now I see, that I shouldn't, because everybody is so nice there, in Breda and in his friends company!
In the train, of course I found friends, what is getting really normal for me now. ;D This time it was four youngsters, drinking, full bags of drinks and  they decided to sit next to me and don't let to sleep.. Telling how hot I am and that I really should go to have party with them tonight. ;D In Lithuania if you will have this kind of situation, you already know that you will have problems, but here, they were really nice and possitive, just like friendly drunk  guys. Mhm . ;D
And Breda Breda was nice. Pre-party in Mike's place. Meeting Ayesha. A lot new people. Bars. Quite enough diffent drinks. And yeah, I was a bit tired after all day. And something happend to me that night, because I really couldn't dance normally, and I love to dance all the time, but not thins time.. yes, I know what happed, but still Ayesha even had name for this my feeling - SAPGETI! ;D
And morning was hard.. I felt like still drunk but happy. ;D and sunday's datwas so nice and relaxed ! non stop talking with Ayesha for two hours.. about just different so possitive things and that life is so nice thing! And then walking in the city with new, very nice (even sometimes I am thinking that too nice, how it is possible to be so nice? ) so yeah, new friend! And just met Joyce in the street! Awesome! Had dinner together, nice time and train train and go home.. Again in Maastricht.



Happy girls!

And I really want to go back ..
I really like people, atmosphere there..

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