2011 m. vasario 20 d., sekmadienis


Ou ou ou! 10 points for this Saturday! I had the best time in all time in Holland!! :}}
Meeting with Misa, Londi and Ayesha!
Such a nice conversations with wine in afternoon.

Ayesha's friends easy birthday party.
Awesome dinner in Mexican restaurant, where Ayesha is working! + free coctails from owner!
Mike's place. A lot of interesting storys from Jay! Australia, Vietnam, old black metal, elecktro and etc. ;o
Partyyyy! Elektro, techno, dubstep mix!!! A lot of smiling people, cool atmosphere! Dancing till the last minute!
And cool afterparty!

Sleeping all four in one big beeed!
Perfect, very big breakfast!
And yeah, of course saying goodbye..
But still, I still feel them and I know that we will meet so soon!:}}

I really felt in love with Breda, and girls, again!
Oh, beautiful beautiful Ayesha! ;**
cold girls :<

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