2011 m. vasario 5 d., šeštadienis

And this time - The Netherlands!

Ūūū, after long time  planing to start and trying to make it, I finally did it! I made my own blog. :}}
And this time I am writing from The Netherlands, Maastricht. Such a nice place with beautiful ancient buildings, big river and many bridges, a lot of bars and amazing night life - every night!
Yeah, and there is no snow here and seems that sping is coming coming so fast. :}
So I came here to do my internship, make research and write my bechelor thesis about emigrants in The Netherlands and so on. Everything seem so  nice, our practic place is very interesting and cool! Just we need to travel every day for one and a half hour to one side (bus - train - car) and then back the same way.. Yes, because we are doing our practice in the forest! ;D It is like organisation, which made small house into the woods and then a lot of training activities around this house. First it was so strange, but now I can see that it is so good idea ! So in this woods are coming group of children (who are expelled from school for certain offenses and etc.) and they are doing these trainings, talking , discussing and so on. I wish we could have like this ornagisation in Lithuania. ;o

So everything seems so nice and cool, buut, we are living in old hospital, with white walls, long colidors, few chinese people around and we need to pay for one room 580 euro. Yes yes :< But we are serching for new acomodation and I hope that we will move out soon!
And now good good morning, prepare for birthday and go to Sittard :}}
And few pictures :}

Filming group :}

Warm up

Spider web

Balance beam

first evening ;x

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